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Creation of the Rothsee

While the south of Bavaria has a rich and balanced water supply, unfavourable geological conditions and low rainfall led to water shortages in northern Bavaria. A trans-regional water management system from the Danube to the Main river area has been developed in recent decades in order to counterbalance these differences.

Water compensation is achieved in two independent ways:

  • Transfer of water from the Danube via the Main-Danube Canal to the Rothsee main dam as temporary storage (125 million cubic meters per year)
  • Transfer of Altmuehl water over the Altmuehlsee and Brombachsee (25 million cubic meters per year)

Schematische Darstellung der Wasserüberleitung vom Donau- zum Regnitz-Main-Gebiet

Additional to the water management improvements, the new lakes also provided the basis for recreation and tourism in the newly formed Lake District.

Important dates

16th July 1970

The Bavarian Parliament gives go ahead for construction to enable the transfer of water from the Atlmuehl and Danube rivers into the Regnitz-Main catchment area

18th October 1975

Establishment of the joint management authority – “Zweckverband Rothsee” including the members


Construction of the Rothsee upper and main dam and the relocation of displaced residents from the villages Hasenbruck and Fischhof which were sunk beneath the Rothsee.



The flooding of the main Rothsee lake is completed.

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