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Trail #4

The trail, about 16Km long, begins at the car park at Appelhof.
Initially the trail follows the old road and passes beneath the main road (2225) between Allersberg and Hilpoltstein. In the direction of Eulenhof the trail climbs a small rise. Soon tunnels beneath the ICE railway line and the busy A9 motorway between Nuremberg and Munich are reached and shortly after the trail forks to the left along a gravel path. This leads past tree nurseries towards Allersberg. The market town was mentioned officially for the first time in 1254 as Alrsperch and in 1323 was awarded market and fortification rights. After reaching the sports ground of the “Eintracht Allersberg” the trail bends to the left into the Hilpoltsteiner Strasse. Opposite the sports ground is the All Saints Church, built in the romanesque style, its tower dates back to the 12th and 13th centuries. The church is surrounded by remains of a fortification inside which a cemetery was situated  until the 16th century. Passing the Spitalweiher (pond) the trail leads through the gateway to the market square.
At the end of the market place, infront of the town hall the trail forks to the left and follows the curving Hauptstrasse. Finally the trail follows the sign for Eppersdorf. The cloister of the pilgrims chapel St. Wolfgang is reached through the quiet residential area of Allersberg. A small idyllic trail now leads through the dense forest before reaching the road between Allersberg and Eppersdorf. The trail continues diagonally to the right along a gravel path to the area “Sauerloh”.
On to reach the source of the “Kleinen Roth”, the small river flows through Eppersdorf and Allersberg into the Rothsee pre-dam. Passing through the lovely spruce tree woodland the path goes on to Eppersdorf. Then along a little used road towards Harrhof turning off left through the forest until reaching the edge of Allersberg. Nevertheless the trail does not return to Allersberg but turns right and crosses the main road between Allersberg and Pyrbaum going on to Altenfelden. Already visible from a distance, the tower of the catholic church St. Vitus which was inaugurated in 1761. Leaving the village the path turns left along a paved way and returns to the starting point.


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Special features:

  • Spring of the river “Klein Roth” (Small Roth)
  • Historical market square at Allersberg
  • Many restaurants in Allersberg and Altenfelden for refreshments

Length and duration:

15 Kilometre / 3,5-4 hours



                                                      Karte Rothsee-Wanderweg Nr.5


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