Zweckverband Rothsee
Weinbergweg 1
91154 Roth


Trail #5

The trail leads into the northerly surroundings of the Rothsee where the boundary of the hunting areas of the principalities of Brandenburg-Onolzbach and Kurpfalz-Bayern once ran, evidenced by two old boundary stones along the way. From Appelhof follow the old road beneath the main 2225 road between Hilpoltstein and Allersberg towards Eulenhof until shortly after the tunnel under the motorway the path turns to the left. Short pieces of woodland and fields alternate before crossing the main 2237 road near to the motorway junction Roth–Allersberg. A paved way leads to the village Altenfelden. Follow the Altenfelder Hauptstrasse until a left turn leads under the A9 motorway and past the ICE railway bridge at the railway station Allersberg (Rothsee).
Some 500 metres after the village the trail leads into the Brunnau forest. The first of the two boundary stones is situated on the right side of the path. The stone, very well preserved, marks the boundary of the former hunting grounds of the pricipaltities Brandenburg-Onolzbach (administrative district of Roth) and the Kurzpfalz-Bavarian territory (conservation authority Allersberg). Enjoy the peace and take in fresh air along the roughly 45 minute walk through the Brunnau forest prior to leaving the woodland shortly before the small village Guggenmuehle.
Passing north of Guggenmuehle and Wagnersmuehle onto Brunnau on the main 2237 road. After crossing the road where visibility is good the path again enters the forest. Soon the old Jews path is reached. Here another boundary stone is found, also in good condition. At a closer look even the year and coat of arms can be distinguished. Now leaving the Jews path the trail rises over a hill and leaves the forest shortly before the village Heubuehl.
After crossing the main 2237 road the trail passes along the edge of the forest until reaching a gravel road which travels in an easterly direction along the Rothsee pre-dam to Fischhof. From here it is only a short walk through a beautiful mixed forest to the starting point, the car park at Appelhof.


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Special features:

Spring of the river “Klein Roth” (Small Roth)
Historical market square at Allersberg
Refreshments at restaurants in Altenfelden and Brunnau

Length and duration:

13 Kilometre / 3,5 hours



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