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Trail #6

From the Seezentrum (Water Centre) Heuberg walk a short distance along the main dam. Next walk along the east side of the Main-Danube Canal towards the canal bridge by Eckersmuehlen. The trail does not follow the canal side path but the path at the top of the bank. On reaching the bridge turn right and continue along the road. Soon the Schoettleinsweiher which lies directly adjacent to the road is reached and from which it is only a few hundred metres to the highlight of the trail, the Devils button (Teufelsknopf) laying 393m above sea level.
In 1632 the proud Wartstein castle was burnt to the ground by Tillys soldiers and all inhabitants killed. Today the grounds are covered in beech woodland with only a few wall ruins showing where the castle once stood. Supposedly there was once a tunnel leading to the nearby Schoettleinsweiher. Legend has it that Hildegard, the daughter of the last lord of the castle, who in great distress fell from the battlement makes an appearance on new year’s eve to pray for all murdered souls.
The trail continues to the south, crossing the little used road between Roth and Eichelburg and goes on through woodland back to the Main-Danube Canal. Here to the left continue above the canal path. Soon the canal bridge by Eckersmuehlen is reached. Return to the starting point along the roughly 1,5 Km stretch of trail used on the outward journey.


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Special features:

Refreshments at Rothsee restaurant

Length and duration:

11 Kilometre / 2,5 hours


Karte Rothsee-Wanderweg Nr.6


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