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Trail #8

From the Seezentrum (Water Centre) Heuberg walk a short distance along the main dam (sign posted as trail number 6). Next walk along the east side of the Main-Danube Canal towards the canal bridge by Eckersmuehlen. The trail does not follow the canal side path but the path at the top of the bank.
On reaching the bridge turn left across the Main-Danube Canal and then right along the canal. After only a few hundred metres the trail crosses into the Roth municipal forest and continues here until reaching the edge of the village Hofstetten. The trail leads through the village until the restaurant “Zur Linde” where it continues on to the left along an asphalt road. At the end of this road the trail again forks to the left through a short piece of woodland into the splendid “Rothgrund” vale.
After crossing the lush meadow land comes the romantically situated historical Eisenhammer (Iron Hammer – Smithy). The historical Eisenhammer is the last remaining smithy of this kind in the middle franconian area. A visit is well worthwhile. The museum gives an insight into the old and rich tradition of the blacksmiths art. The machinery of the smithy consists of a row of hammers (air, feather and drop hammer) which are driven by two turbines.  A constantly running turbine feeds a generator with the necessary electricity. The weir system is regulated with wooden sluice gates. Since almost 500 years there has been a smithy on this part of the river Roth. In 1490 this was at first a copper/tin smithy which was converted to an iron smithy in 1686. In 1775 the family Schaeff took over ownership. The premises of the smithy, where today there are also riding stables are left behind as the trail passes over the old weir. Continuing through the Rothgrund meadow until near the sports ground of the village Eckersmuehlen. The trail continues along the side of the river Roth (Jahnstrasse) towards the village centre and turning left along the road “In der Leiten”. The end of the village is soon reached along the “Waldstrasse”. At the canal bridge follow the same route back to the starting point as taken on the way out.


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Special features:

  • Historical Eisenhammer (Smithy)
  • Refreshments at restaurants in Hofstetten and Eckersmuehlen and in the Rothsee restaurant

Length and duration:

12 Kilometre / 3 hours


Karte Rothsee-Wanderweg Nr.8


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