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Trail #9

From the Seezentrum (Water Centre) Heuberg walk a short distance along the main dam (sign posted as trail number 6). Turning left one comes to the lock at Eckersmuehlen. These together with the lock at Leerstetten and Hilpoltstein with their rise of 24,7 m make them the highest and most impressive locks in Europe. All the locks of the Main-Danube canal have a usable length of 190m and a width of 12m. Their size allows the passing of the so called Europaschiff with a carrying capacity of 1350 tonnes as well as push tows up to 11,4m wide and 185m long with a carrying capacity of 3300 tonnes in side by side configurations.

From here walk to the village of Haimpfarrich. In the village the road forks and the trail takes the right fork across the river “Klein Roth”. Shortly before leaving the village, turn left along a path through the fields and into the forest. Above the vale of the river “Klein Roth” the trail leads on to the edge of the village Eckersmuehlen. Along the roads Haimpfarricher Weg and Eckersmuehlener Hauptstrasse, past the protestant church and the former Rathaus until the trail turns left towards Wernsbach. Past the old cemetery with the cemetery chapel and across the “Gredl” railway line. At the end of the village the trail forks to the right along a dirt track. The refreshing walk now leads through fields and scots pine forest before reaching the Wallesauer meadow. The trail follows the meadow into the village. Infront of the Wallesau village church stands an unusual monument. An inscription says “From the 16th December 1903 until 25. April 1905 no adult member of the parish died.” Along the main road shortly before reaching the end of the village the trail turns towards the Wallersauer pond. An old stone cross appears a few metres after leaving the village. A narrow road leads to the Wallesauer bathing pond. Shortly before the Café Waldsee the trail turns half left into the forest. Once again the trail goes through scots pine forest until in the middle of the forest the beautifully situated restaurant Wallersbach emerges. Passing the restaurants own fish ponds the trail now advances in the direction of Eckersmuehlen. Continue through the forest before reaching the village. Along the Wernsbacher Strasse the trail leads to the Eckersmuehlener Hauptstrasse. The circular part of the trail now completed the remainder of the trail follows the same route back to the starting point as on the way out.


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Special features:

  • Viewing the locks at Eckersmuehlen (Visitors platform)
  • Refreshments at restaurants in Eckersmuehlen, Wallesau and Wallersbach and in the Rothsee restaurant

Length and duration:

18,5 Kilometre / 4 hours


Karte Rothsee-Wanderweg Nr.9


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